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l_j_for_dummies's Journal

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LiveJournal for Dummies
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how to use livejournal
LJ for Dummies

W E L C O M E !

Do you find LiveJournal a little confusing? Maybe even daunting? Then you're in good company here! Join us -- and Fred (Frank the Goat's dumber brother) -- to learn the BASICS of using LJ! smile

Be sure to START OUT by checking the community MEMORIES -- and our community TAGS. There's a good chance your question has already been answered!

Maybe you feel like a big dummy about LJ, but you'll never be treated like one here. After all, we're all in the same boat -- trying to 'reason out' the LiveJournal FAQ, and learn the basic features of LJ.

(Do you run a community or journal that helps people better understand how to use LiveJournal? Would you like to be an affiliate? Please comment here. We'd love to add you to our affiliate list!)

Q: Can anybody join this community?

A: Yes. The only requirement is that you have a LiveJournal account, which you can get for free HERE.

Q: What are the community goals?

A: To help one another learn the BASICS of using LiveJournal in a supportive and fun environment.

And to make our descriptions as easy to understand as possible!

Q: Are you affiliated with the LiveJournal ADMINISTRATORS?

A: No. The members and maintainers are just 'average' LiveJournal users -- exactly like you.

Nor are we trying to replace any of the existing areas that provide information or assistance. In fact, you'll often find us pointing you in the direction of long-existing support formats.

We're simply here to help, if possible. (Not step on any toes.)

Q: I've joined and I have a question. How do I ask it?

A: Once you've created your journal, you're ready to go!

You can now UPDATE your journal. (In this case, you're going to post to a community, rather than 'update' your personal lj.)

Under the white 'entry' window, you'll see two gray sections. Inside the second (smaller) gray area, you'll see 'Post to.' Click on the drop-down button and select: l_j_for_dummies.

Now whatever question you type inside the entry window will end up posting to the community! Simply type your question and click the 'Update' button.

Did you log out of your journal for some reason? You can go here to LOG IN.

Q: Is there anything I need to know about posting here?

A: There are a few things, only. But, yes, these are IMPORTANT. (So please read!)

ALWAYS use the 'Subject' line. Try to put something HELPFUL about your question there. 'Pleez help me!!!' doesn't really cut it.

For example, if you need help using the LJ-Cut tag, you might say -- Subject: How do I use the lj-cut?

Please keep your language all-age appropriate. Cursing (using foul language) isn't acceptable.

Play nice with other members. Be especially respectful of the community maintainers.

(We do usually warn for inappropriate behavior, but we reserve the right to ban members without a warning. We're all here to learn and have fun together. Humor is appreciated, unkindness is not.)

Q: Can I ask several questions at once?

A: We prefer that you ask ONE question at a time, please. If you have more than one question, we suggest you post more than once, please.

Q: Are there questions that won't be answered?

A: Yes. We don't deal with anything but BASIC questions regarding the use of either S1 or S2 styles and LAYOUTS. And we don't assist at all with Advanced Customization of journals here.

But HAPPILY there are numerous communities you can join to learn more about both S1 and S2! We highly recommend howto and s2howto.

And you can find communities that support each of the different layouts, as well.

Plus there are two places you can check when you want to find out something NOT covered here:

You can look up communities and users by INTERESTS.

This will give you numerous communities to 'investigate' that assist with anything and everything!

You can SEARCH the LiveJournal FAQ.

This is LiveJournal's new FAQ search engine.

Q: There seems to be a lot of LJ-Specific SLANG that's used here. I can't figure out what people are SAYING! Can I ask for help defining things?

A: Certainly! Slang is a normal thing in life, after all. But it's no fun when you can reason out what others are saying. So ask and we'll try to define for you.

You can also check our on-going LJ SLANG DEFINITIONS LIST.

That's it! So jump in and check our TUTORIALS. Or check the MEMORIES. Or post an entry and ASK for help!

You'll soon be blogging at LJ like you've done it all your life! smile

Be sure to visit our AFFILIATES!

(The maintainers retain the right to ADD to these guidelines as necessary without notice.)

[last updated November 6, 2005]

(For Maintainers:)

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