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LiveJournal for Dummies
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10th-Feb-2016 02:08 pm - Help needed with journal entries
I would like to do a lot of writing but I see that each entry is sent to friends, like a newsfeed. Is there a way to set the entries to private, then at a later date open them to public? This way people could go back and read them at will, or when I set them to public will people be bombarded with all the posts?
10th-Mar-2015 10:11 pm - Make my LJ font bigger
When i used my LJ last time,suddenly the font become so small just like in picture,i want to switch it to old version,because it's to small i can't read,how to do it?? Thanks :))
in the last year multiple people have have left and many comms have shut down.

this has left my "manage friends" section a bit of a mess.

does anyone know of a simple way to clean it up so that:

a: it shows only the current friends i am friends with rather than old or deleted friends?

b: only shows the comms that i am currently part of and not deleted or removed comms?

thanks in advance
24th-Apr-2014 09:55 pm - Change link and visited link colors?
Is there a relatively simple way to change the link color (and visited link color) for a whole page of links using a <div> or <span> tag?  Oh heck, while I'm at it, can you change the hover color as well? :-)

I maintain a fic archive with hundreds of links, and frequently have to keep splitting up my posts and shuffling things around.  So it would be extremely helpful if I could change the link colors with as little code as possible so I can add more fics per page.

Thanks much!
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14th-Jan-2014 04:55 pm - Change number of our Recent Entries
Please help me, how to change number of post showing on own my LJ?
It's too much makes me hard to scroll ><
3rd-Jul-2013 11:16 am - Help me out

How do I post an image under an lj cut on a comment?

What was the code to post an image in a comment?

Ben W
11th-Jun-2013 07:46 pm - Default Font
My font changed after I pasted my entry (from Word) and I can't change it back to the default. I want to know how to change the font back (it's the same font as this post)

Thank you :)
28th-Mar-2013 02:42 pm - LJ Help

1) I'm using the layout 'Porpoise' and I'm looking for a code or just some information on how to make my screen/posts bigger size. My posts are all squished looking.
2) I'm also looking for a code where I can add a header/banner to my LJ.
3) The final code/information I'm looking for is how to put everything on the left side and how to put the content in an order I want. (Example: Month, Links, Page Summary, Tags.) Any and all help is appreciated.
I'm really really new. I'm trying to post something on another community, and I try to tag by clicking on the "select" beside the tag box, then I click on whatever tags I want. But it always becomes untagged when I post it! :( Thanks for any help!
4th-Jul-2012 06:40 pm - Table for communities
I've created my own community but all I'm missing is tables like these: (scroll down at the end of the page)

is there a html tutorial to do these? As well as tables for sign-ups and stuff like that.
I've looked and looked but nothing came up.
25th-Jun-2012 03:37 pm - Friends Page
How do i stop some friends/communites from showing up on my friends page?
ive tried unchecking the boxes with the blue/green arrows but it doesnt make any difference?  :)
22nd-Jun-2012 09:13 pm - Thumbnails of images
Since Lj has updated scrapbook I can't work out how to post images on my journal as 'thumbnails'. "Thumbnails' as in people reading my post can click on the image if they chose, and a bigger version on the image will load.

I've checked on 'photobucket', thinking that they may have an image 'thumbnail' option in the menu under the image, but there isn't (even though on the photobucket 'help' it says there is)

thanks for any help
LJ my drug
okay i'm relatively new to lj and i want my post pages to look like this:

(not my post, just a picture i took of a post on your site)

and instead it looks like this:

Anyway you can help me as to figure out how to achieve the picture? 
Thanks so much! 

derek and scott 2
10th-Nov-2011 11:49 am - LJ cuts disabled?
Is it possible that lj cuts could be disabled for my account?  I am a web application developer so no stranger to html and I know long ago when I started using lj I had no problems with cuts, but I'm back to my journal now after years away and for some reason cuts do not render on my journal either through the RTE or html.  Anything hidden is shown directly and the tag with my cut link text is not displayed.  I've even tried fiddling with the ljcut options in the admin console to no effect.

Here's the most recent attempt on my journal.

I might as well try a cut here too. Why not.Collapse )
4th-Nov-2011 03:08 am - Turn off notifications...
I'm a moderator for a certain community but I'm having to take a bit of time off. But the maintainer of the comm is nice enough to leave me as a moderator so I can come back and help out when I want. But in the meantime I would like to turn off the email notifications I get when someone adds a request to the queue. Only I can't find anything that says something like that in my notification settings or anywhere on my LJ account page. Help anyone?

Answer found!
Hello, i think i need help here :)

Well I've just posted an entry to a community of which I'm a member. After tagging the entry and posting it, i just realized that i made mistake with one of the tags and wanted to switch it to another. So i tried the 'Edit Entry' option, erased the wrong tag and added the correct one, but it only resulted in both tags being used, even the wrong one. Then i tried the 'Edit Tags' option, but the result's pretty much the same. I know some community don't allow members to edit tags, but i think that's not the case in this certain community because i've seen the mods asking members to edit tags.

So, i just don't know why it won't work for me. How am i supposed to remove the wrong tag? Help, please?

Thanks in advance! :)
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19th-Sep-2011 12:15 am - How To change comment and reply page
Hello guuys~!!
I am currently confused about how to change this code 

because I want to change leave comment to "Leave A Letter" and comment to "Letters"

Thx for advice..!!
blue haze
30th-Aug-2011 03:44 am - Change the number of posts
I currently have ten posts that appear on my% fiends page. I have noticed that friends of mine have 25 or 30 posts appearing on their Journals but I cannot seem to figure out how to change the settings or whatever so that more than 10 posts may appear.

I would greatly appreciate it if someone could help out with this! Thanks in advance!!

J2 hand/heart
29th-Aug-2011 12:14 am - LJ Cut Wizard?
I made an entry in rich text.  Since it had a lot of pictures, I put it all behind a cut.  When I posted a preview of my entry, all the pictures were off and the text was wrapped around the pictures making the whole thing difficult to read.

When I tried to edit the entry, anywhere I put the cursor I get a pop-up window saying any editing I have to do needs to be done with LJ Cut Wizard.  I don't know what this is, nor have I ever had to use it before to edit my journal entires.  Now I can't figure out how to edit anything.

Help, please?  Do I have to delete the entry and start all over again?

Calvin &amp; Hobbes
14th-Aug-2011 09:16 pm - Adding multiple URL's to one image

Hello! ^^
I've got a question, is it possible with LJ to add multiple URL's to one image? For example, when you click on the left side of an image it'd take you to livejournal and when you click on the right side of the same image you'd go to google.
I googled it up but from what I understood, the HTML codes of the tutorials I found aren't available here on LJ, but I can be wrong ^^;
Is there any way to do this?

Thanks in advance!