Help needed with journal entries

I would like to do a lot of writing but I see that each entry is sent to friends, like a newsfeed. Is there a way to set the entries to private, then at a later date open them to public? This way people could go back and read them at will, or when I set them to public will people be bombarded with all the posts?

how to tidy up the "Manage Friends" section ?

in the last year multiple people have have left and many comms have shut down.

this has left my "manage friends" section a bit of a mess.

does anyone know of a simple way to clean it up so that:

a: it shows only the current friends i am friends with rather than old or deleted friends?

b: only shows the comms that i am currently part of and not deleted or removed comms?

thanks in advance
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Change link and visited link colors?

Is there a relatively simple way to change the link color (and visited link color) for a whole page of links using a <div> or <span> tag?  Oh heck, while I'm at it, can you change the hover color as well? :-)

I maintain a fic archive with hundreds of links, and frequently have to keep splitting up my posts and shuffling things around.  So it would be extremely helpful if I could change the link colors with as little code as possible so I can add more fics per page.

Thanks much!

LJ Help

1) I'm using the layout 'Porpoise' and I'm looking for a code or just some information on how to make my screen/posts bigger size. My posts are all squished looking.
2) I'm also looking for a code where I can add a header/banner to my LJ.
3) The final code/information I'm looking for is how to put everything on the left side and how to put the content in an order I want. (Example: Month, Links, Page Summary, Tags.) Any and all help is appreciated.