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6th-Aug-2011 09:29 pm - Banners - Unpaid?
 Is there anyway I'd be able to have a banner (a picture) above my entries in replacement of the photo I have now? I do not have a paid account.
Any help would be appreciated.
21st-Jul-2011 11:15 pm - can't edit with a paid account
I have a paid account and I am unable to edit my LJ entries.  Also, link codes I try to put in my entires don't work either (<a href= , for example).  I have IE9 and Windows7 on my computer.
teh kitty
I'd like to make the user name in the middle column of this table the same color as the other links.

Is that possible?  I tried just adding the same code and it worked okay in preview mode, but not when I actually saved my changes.  Is there some mystical and magical trick to this? :)

Thanks much!
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7th-Jul-2011 02:59 pm - Images and highlighted texted
Hello peoples, I'm wondering if you can help me with a couple of things.

1. I'm writing a story but the warning line has a few spoilers so I'm trying to do that thing where you can only see them if you highlight the space. And I have no idea how you do that.

2. I'm trying to make an image into the LJ cut link instead of the typical 'read more' link. I've seen a few posts like this in the past but again, no idea how to do it myself.
3rd-Jun-2011 12:12 am - Expanding my layout for pictures
I feel like there used to be an option to have my layout automatically expand to the width of pictures, but I can't seem to find it again. Does anyone know if this is possible? Or even how to get a scroll bar to appear for large pictures?
 HOW do i stop the text i type after i have inserted a pic from turning blue with the underline like it is a link???
driving me batty!!

here is my typing showing up as blue and underscored like a link
19th-Apr-2011 05:43 pm - Help!!!!!!!!!!!
I've just started a community and want to decorate the page with pictures, but I have no idea how, and I can't find anywhere that tells me how. Can somebody please tell me how to do this?
Okay, from what I remember when you post an entry/leave a comment on someone's entry there was a program you could install (correct me if i'm wrong/crazy) but instead of picking an icon yourself there was something you could click and it would pick a random icon for you. Can I still use it? I'm sorry if this makes no sense -- I'm confused myself. If anyone knew what I was talking about that would be rad.
1D - Harry - Smile
Good morning/afternoon/evening!
I am from the Russian-speaking part of LiveJournal and I have a problem described under the cut.
I know that we here may have somewhat different LJ policies, but so far nobody’s been able to help me. :(
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Many thanks for any hint or advice!
(Please also tell me if there is a community that’s more lkely to answer this troubleshooting question.)

19th-Feb-2011 02:30 pm - photo frustration
earlier today i uploaded a pic onto the photobucket. a comm i posted to rejected it on account of its size. so i resized the image, took the old image off photobucket, uploaded the new resized version, and guess what i keep seeing after i try posting it to my own journal : THE OLD IMAGE. make it go away! help me.
30th-Jan-2011 02:12 pm - creating a new community
  i've created my first LJ community and i have no idea how i'm supposed to get people to join beyond personal invitations. my community is about food from a certain grocery store. i don't really know of any comms that allow promotion of other comms in this topic area. help?
I'm trying to put a basic HTML tutorial together for my community, and I've run into a teeny-tiny little problem. :)

How do you remove the underline from a URL that's part of an example?

I know how to add style="text-decoration:none" to the code to get something like this:


But if I wanted to show someone how to create a basic link, how do I get rid of the underline that's part of my <a> tag?  Or can I?

<a href="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aardvark">Aardvark</a>

Thanks much for your help, as always. :)
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13th-Dec-2010 05:14 pm - How to make pictures links?
Hey I'm having trouble with understanding this. You know how you can make certain pictures links where when you click on them it takes you to the desired destination instead of a plain old link. How do you accomplish that?
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28th-Nov-2010 06:55 pm - Embedding SWF Flash File
Hi guys,

Does anyone know how to embed .SWF files to an LJ post? I've tried a couple different methods for embedding using HTML, but the image continually comes up looking weird, including extra white space around the sides, or just not being sized properly.

Example under the cut since it's a photo. As you can see, the image should be about 1000x1000 or something, but it's showing a whoooole lot smaller. Thanks for any help!

Example of SWF FailCollapse )
19th-Nov-2010 11:29 pm - Blank Space
I recently changed my header and made it so the header is at the bottom (Or it hits the top of my layout) Now there's a huge blank space above it and I wanted to know if I can move the header and my layout up more to cover it.

I have the flexible squares layout and I've seen other users and such with the same layout that have there header and layout all the way up at the top

Like this: http://community.livejournal.com/codiasi

Here's Mine: http://cherry916.livejournal.com/

Notice big blank space up at the top

Is it something I'm doing wrong or haven't done yet or is it something I can't fix?

I need help.

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5th-Oct-2010 11:12 am - Trouble uploading images to LJ

I've been having trouble posting images into my LJ home posts.

Description of problem...Collapse )

4th-Oct-2010 01:22 pm - calling for 911
how do I make my picture's resolution better? Like the ones I've posted became poor sht quality. Boooooooooo~ Does anyone know?
1st-Oct-2010 05:45 pm - Introduction entry?
I wonder if there's some way to create an entry that's always the most recent on my LJ - kinda like a "Hi, happy you're here. This is my LJ" post. Is that possible?
30th-Sep-2010 10:54 am - Bold Text
I didn't see any links for this so I want to know why a certain part of my text in a post is all bold when I didn't add it for it to be be bold and when I do add it like this .... it makes the whole text bold. I'm confused here and I need help
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23rd-Sep-2010 08:55 am - How-to help
It's a simple question really. How do you edit your comments? I see people who have edited them but I just baffled. Like per say you mispell something or need to add something. Any help would be appreciated
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